Welcome to the beach club ! ♻️

The fashion industry is extremely unsustainable and is one of the world leaders in contamination. Every second the equivalent to one dump truck of clothing is being burned or dumped in landfills. To counteract this waste at TOWERS SWIMWEAR we are committed to making sustainable and ethically manufactured swimwear our priority.

Here is how we are doing it.. 

Since the inception of our company we have always focused on manufacturing garments that have a long life cycle by using high quality fabrics that are going to last. Furthermore, we make timeless designs that are not just following a trend (the opposite of fast fashion) so people will use the garment for years instead of months.


We wanted to go farther, so we have changed our source materials to eco-friendly and high quality fabrics made in Colombia from recycled plastic bottles. To make 1 bikini we use around 8 recycled plastic bottles and to make a one piece swimsuit we use 14 recycled plastic bottles.

The process of creating this fabric is even more sustainable by using less water and producing less carbon emissions.

Our new eco fabrics are also:

  • More resistant to sea water 💧
  • UV filter so they protect you from the sun 🌞 
  • Comfortable
  • Quick Dry
  • Same fit that regular swimwear fabrics.


In addition to focusing on sustainability TOWERS SWIMWEAR also pays a fair living wage to our employees and partners.

As you can see we take a lot of pride in being a sustainable company. If you have been inspired by our story we suggest that before making your next clothing purchase you investigate the origin of the garment and the company that produces it. When you support a sustainable company you are becoming part of the change. ♻️